Graphical depiction of challenges of the Project House

Challenges and Goals of the Project House

Global warming and scarcity of natural resources are two of the global challenges confronting society today. Concerning automomotive catalytic systems the project house and its staff members are willing to face these challenges and find possible solutions.

Defined goals in this context are the reduction resp. the abolishment of the proportion of noble metal as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions. These goals shall be achieved by holistically optimized solutions from the molecular level up to the vehicle and engine control level.




We offer potential partners from science and industry a holistic range of services covering all aspects of our academic and practical work in the fields of Catalyst Analysis/ Benchmark as well as Simulation and Optimization of Catalytic Systems.

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You would like to learn more about the members of the Project House? If so, we kindly invite you to get to know our team.

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