Case Study


Lanthanum-Perovskites as NOx-storage catalysts (NSR)

Within the framework of the case study three different lanthanum-perovskites are analyzed concerning their activity as NOx-storage/reduction catalysts (NSR) resp. regarding their NO-oxidation capability to NO2 for DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst). Moreover, as the first case study of the Project House, it should serve for demonstration purposes of workflow and synergies at ACA.

Working steps, partly parallel running and matched to each other, cover different analysis methods, tests at laboratory up to vehicle level as well as the development of descriptor models.

  Perovskite © RWTH Aachen | TME Lanthanum-Perovskite under light microscopy




  • LSM: La0,7Sr0,3MnO3
  • LSC:  La0,6Sr0,4CoO3
  • LSFC:  La0,6Sr0,4Co0,3Fe0,7O3
  • In powder form and as granules
  • Degreened