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We offer potential partners from science and industry a holistic range of services covering all aspects of our academic and practical work in the fields of Catalyst Analysis/ Benchmark as well as Simulation and Optimization of Catalytic Systems.

Excellent service has to be individualized. We gladly discuss the different options to provide you with optimal solutions enabled by our interdisciplinary, innovative and practical approach.


Catalyst Analysis/ Benchmark

  • Element composition and distribution
  • Crystal structure
  • Specific surface
  • Porosity, pore size distribution
  • Coating structure
  • Determination of active centres
  • Efficiency measurements with laboratory gas bench, engine and vehicle

Simulation of Catalytic Systems

Catalytic Activity

Predictive Modelling based on Activity - Descriptors

  • Modelling structure, morphology & composition of new materials
  • Reaction energetics from electronic structure calculations
  • Comparison with experiments, search for descriptors for predictive modelling

Exhaust System

  • 1D- simulation of the entire exhaust system
  • Based on engine maps or coupled engine models
  • Adaption and optimization of components and operational strategies

Optimization of Catalytic Systems

  • Optimization / Synthesis of catalytically active material

  • Optimization of  support material and pore design

  • Analysis of activity and mass transfer

  • Production of prototype catalysts

  • Analysis of prototype catalysts in laboratory gas bench